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Post by Raph on Mon Mar 16, 2015 8:22 pm

Please takes these Rules seriously. And read them carefully. Stars in red mean YOU MUST READ them immediately. 

*1. Respect other users, including the topics/posts they make.
*2. Don't spam.
*3. Do not intrude on other applications if you are not a Member.
*4. Keep PM's appropriate.
*5. Keep signatures appropriate.
*6. Keep pictures appropriate.
*8. Keep cussing to a minimum.
*9. Do not be racist to anyone.
*10. Do not beg for ranks if you're a Member of the clan (you'll get them in time).
*11. Do not double-post, triple-post or quadruple-post, and etc. Use the EDIT BUTTON (only if you are a member).
*12. Don't go off-topic.
*13. Do not 1 word-post or no-word post.
*14. Do not Quote Images, no matter how small or big it is.
*15. Do not Quote large texts.
*16. Messages about Porn or Sex is an automatic warning.
*17. Keep custom avatars appropriate. 
*18. Don't Troll.
*19. Do not free-post.
*20. If you are making an  application, you are allowed to edit your application no more than one time.

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