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Post by Raph on Thu Apr 16, 2015 6:25 pm

1. PB2 Username:raphael166

2. Link to PB2 Profile: can't get it

3. Kill/Death Ratio: -

3b. Kills Count: -

3c. Level Developer Rank: -

3d. Player Points/Beginner's Progress %: -

4. Total Time Playing PB2: 2 years

5. All alternate accounts with profile links: I can't get them.

6. Are in any clans? No

6b. Past Clans and why you left them: they all died or *Sucked d**k *

7. Tell us something good about yourself: I'm very calm and I have a bad attitude(sometimes)

8. Why do you want to join Psychal? To have fun, etc.

9. What can you offer to benefit Psychal? xats and forums...

10. Who recruited you? Nobody....

11. What is your attitude (inside and outside of PB2)? Uhm irdk...I guess rude at times, XD

12. How do you play PB2 (skills, styles, etc.)? I play basic

13. Did you read and understand the Forum Rules and promise not to break them? Yes

14. What are applying for? Member or Trial Member? Member(Idk)

15. Extra comments/concerns: Well blitz didn't say when I should re-apply so I thought why not now?????????
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raphael166 #5 [Denied] Empty Re: raphael166 #5 [Denied]

Post by iBlitz on Fri Apr 17, 2015 3:01 am

Application Denied

Wait 5 Days

- Being annoying

- Thinking/Having the rights to be smart

- Weak answers

- Innapropriate language

In apps it does not seem like you take it serious enough. Why? We see innapropriate language, Weak answers. And the XD,etc... and very small answers. This app is sloppy and weak. And when your writing this it seems messed up. And you should know when to re-apply. xats, forums for back up not alot detail, info much. ''I guess rude at times'' Fix it we are not immature and rude we are a group of friends. We can do 2v2's or wars now. 2v2 Wars only. Competitive fights. Anyways weakest app overall.. The last time you got accepted try thinking of the last time you got accepted check those answers why don't you do better than any of them.. You no get 3 or 5 denials seriously and you got accepted twice if you have been accepted then you can do it again it is not hard.

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