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Post by iBlitz on Thu Apr 16, 2015 5:42 pm

3 Brothers [] 4 In total.

Who gives a fuck about attitude, whether shit. Yeah it is not about attitude

It is about... Age, Name, Hobbies, Humor. You haven't seen me in real life, know my location, whether WHERE I REALLY COME FROM.

I moved to germany thats all you know because you check my other brothers profile. All you say is that I got 1 brother and 2 in total. Stupidity.

How are you supposed to know you just say so to make others guilty, mad. What if that happend to you. Huh? Mad? OH YEA REAL MAD. 

It is just annoying. Look oracle if you say I got no brothers tell me whats their name, hobbies, humor, age. 

If you keep saying this to me. Means your harrassing and abusing. You would be start being caught by IC3 Criminal FBI. Cyber Police. 

And this is why im posting this. And this...

Oraclehunter: ''Im a 100% sure i think he has no brothers.'' You call that smart? Btw and you should show proof And it is not Audion. You dumb? It is Spaze. Now one more time. You need to show proof. Btw I even bet your lying. 

Listen only once.

Audion Got it? It is Spaze [] Dromirixz [] Adapt [] iBlitz. Get it? Now listen once and only thats the only time im reminding you of this shit. Keep your brains working. Remember.

If your reading this. Thank you, if you belive me. I truely am appreciated. If not it is up to you harrassing others and abusing. Eyes are on you.

If you cant change your attitude change your fate. If you cant change your fate then change your attitude. 


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