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Post by Clan Leaders on Fri Mar 13, 2015 11:07 am

If you want to join Psychal, you must answer the following questions and be honest in doing so:

1. PB2 Username:

2. Link to PB2 Profile:

3. Kill/Death Ratio:

3b. Kills Count:

3c. Level Developer Rank:

3d. Player Points/Beginner's Progress %:

4. Total Time Playing PB2:

5. All alternate accounts with profile links:

6. Are in any clans?

6b. Past Clans and why you left them:

7. Tell us something good about yourself:

8. Why do you want to join Psychal?

9. What can you offer to benefit Psychal?

10. Who recruited you?

11. What is your attitude (inside and outside of PB2)?

12. How do you play PB2 (skills, styles, etc.)?

13. Did you read and understand the Forum Rules and promise not to break them?

14. What are applying for? Member or Trial Member?

15. Extra comments/concerns:

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